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Baktash Art Circle

Art & Design Production Service

At Baktash Art & Design Production, where imagination meets innovation, our team of professional and qualified artists and experts is dedicated to infusing beauty and elegance into your homes, environments, events, businesses, and organizations. We specialize in creating stunning, user-friendly art and design productions tailored to your unique brand, seamlessly blending cutting-edge design trends with flawless functionality. Get ready to captivate your audience and make a lasting impression - contact us today to embark on your digital journey to success.


Looking for a stunning logo design that perfectly represents your brand, business, or organization? Let our talented artists and designers bring your vision to life.

Our Services

Original Arts

The attractive original fine art pieces of our collection with its particular elegance, quality and values are a good selection for decoration of rooms, offices and private collections. Spending on a quality work of is a good investment.

Portraits Commissions


Our experienced and professional portraits artist creates your portraits as a precious museum quality artwork.  Dedicate to the quality of our artist's work is a valuable investment.

Graphic Design

With having the vast experiences of artistic works with many Businesses, local and international organizations and individual you can trust our artist to help you with any visual production projects like Book Illustration, Logo Design, Flip Charts and any other illustrated assignments.

Digital Art

You can trust our experienced graphic designers and artists to help you with creating any motion graphic  projects like, logo animation,  animated clips, slides,  video editing, website  designing  and any other visual assignments.

Painting Restoration


Our expert artists repair any damages on the surface of any painting by preserving  the brush strokes and technique  of the original artist.

Masters' Paintings Reproduction

Our  talented artists have the brilliant capability to imitated  the  original painting of the old masters and historic pieces in unique way  .  They can also replace and transform the face and appearances of  the  famous person in the painting in your face.


How to Order Your Custom Art Projects

Art Ordering Procedure

Our expert artists and designers can create and produce any of your artistic orders in very simple steps and with full satisfaction.  Producing of the Actual artistic museum and academic quality of artworks is the priority of our professional and skilled Artists.


The value of an actual  academic art is priceless, We don not speak  about price, We talk about quality standards. Producing of the  Actual artistic museum and academic quality of artworks is the  priority of our professional and skilled Artists.

Secure Checkout

We use the secure payment method of PayPal.
We accept reliable checks and credit cards.
We accept cash for in-person visits only.


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