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How to Order

Our experienced and professional fine artists create your  paintings  as a precious museum quality artwork.  Dedicate to the quality of our artist's work is a valuable investment.


Condition of the reference photos:
  You can provide a copy of your unique and irreplaceable original photos to the artist. Photos can be sent through e-mail, social media, USB, CD, they should be in JPEG / PNG / PDF or any other possible formats at least 300 dpi in size with good resolution clarity. The painting from a faded photo will be done only if it is the only and one or belong to a deceased person.

The portraits both on paper and on canvas are provided without framing. Should the customer wish to have it framed, the framing cost will be charged separately.

Artist reserved the copyrights of her created portraits and artworks at all times. Use of the portraits or artworks for the purpose of re-selling, commercial and profitable business with or to third party requires arrangement of special and additional payments.

If required the artist would submit the original paintings or a digital copy of the customer portraits to her website pages, during the Jury appealing, competitions and exhibitions. Therefore, the customer is required to sign on the contract document to demonstrate customer consenting to the aforementioned use of the artwork.

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Portraits Painting Procedure:
Your portraits be done both from photos and live:

Painting or Drawing from Photos:
All types of clear photos both in printed or digital formats are acceptable.

Portraits From Live: 
Live portraits can be a quick drawing or a longer pose. Our professional artist has brilliant skills and capabilities to draw people from life.  The live drawing of a person’s face be demonstrated only on requested time or by appointments.

Quick Portraits Drawing From:
This type of portraits is completed between 30 to 60 minutes, while posing live to the artist, the likeness and personality of the model is captured by a quick sketching of the head and face without emphasizing on deep details using some soft layers of tones only.

Portraits From live with Longer Pose:
Detailed or longer pose portraits from live requires minimum of three sitting sessions to pose live for the artist, each session maximum of two hours including intervals and break time. In the sake of customers’ comfort, for capturing of some subtle details; the artist will take some pictures of the pose by the camera to be used as the photo references in the painting.

Order Completion Time:        
The following completion time is an estimate, and it may vary based on workload and complexity of the work:

  • Oil Painting Portraits:  one  to 3 months
  • Pencil or Charcoal Portraits:   one weeks – one month
  • Quick live portraits:   30 minutes – one hour (By appointment)